Badger .40 Big Bore air rifle

The XP Badger .40 is for sale now. $995.00 + shipping costs.

If you are interested in purchasing a Badger .40, please email Thanks!

We designed, make and sell the XP Badger .40 airgun. This is the same airgun that was sold under the name Epox Badger .40. 


  • Makes over 300 FPE with most bullet weights
  • Accuracy is 100+ yards
  • 3-5 powerful shots using same bullet weight, shot count will depend on bullet weight
  • Two different stock options
  • Top loading breech for ease of loading.
  • Single lever operation for opening breech and cocking
  • Build materials are aircraft spec
  • Bolt has closing detent, helps to lock the bolt in closed position
  • Trigger assembly is easy to tune and is equipped with a trigger safety
  • Scope mounts are 1" long Weaver mounts, with 2-1/2" of width adjustment
  • Fill nipple is common paint ball spec


  • The XP Badger .40 comes standard with either the "Pro Classic" or "Tactical" stock.  (See Badger .40 photos)  
  • Both stocks are 3-ply Poplar with a Hard Maple center to keep it stiff but light.  
  • The handles are pinned with two 4-1/2” special screws for added support and makes it rock solid.
  • The stocks are coated with an epoxy bed liner with three initial coats, then a sand down to a smooth surface with no flaws. A final three coats are added to the stock with fine steel wool sand to final finish.  
  • The inlet has a spray-in rubber liner to help bed the airgun in place and keep it from shifting once in place.
  • Both stocks are available with optional fore stock under rail and along studs:   under rail adds $22.00, sling studs ad $13.00, they come installed.
  • The stocks are 99% waterproof.  
  • There is a Lifetime Warranty for the original purchaser. The stocks are made for us by Mad Dog Custom Rifle Stocks, LLC.


Type:                    .401 caliber.  28" barrel,
Power Source:     compressed air or inert gas   

Fill Pressure:       300 bar or 4320 psi (safe to 4500 psi)

Trigger:                single-stage, three way adjustable

Safety:                 trigger block safety, lever actuated
Weight:                approximately 7-1/2 pounds, without scope.

Sights:                 2 piece Weaver #18 mounts (scope not provided)

Length:                approximately 46"

Barrel:                 .401" rifled, 28" length

Fasteners:           all fasteners are metric

The Badger .40 is designed to use .401 S/W sized ammo.  Like all of our airguns, the caliber is selected to make buying or casting bullets easy.  We recommend using lead, no sabots.  You can use reload lead, hard-cast or dead soft lead.

The materials used in the construction of a Badger is exactly the same as all of XP-Airguns products.  The barrel is 4130 chrome-moly steel.  Rifling is to our specifications (these are not modified firearm barrels). The air tube is 4130 chrome-moly steel. All fasteners are graded, high strength fasteners. All the aluminum used is aircraft spec, 7075-T6.

The price is set lower than other XP Air Rifles for several reasons. We do not consider the Badger .40 a custom airgun. We only build the actions one way. Badgers are all Sniper Gray Cerakote. (Cerakote is a baked on, ceramic filled, epoxy finish) We use a modified QB78 trigger assembly. There are two different styles of stocks available, but no other wood options are offered by us.   

If you are interested in purchasing a Badger .40, please email Thanks!